The Pennine Way

Pennine Security Solutions is a privately owned, fully integrated security solutions company licenced and bonded in Ontario. Pennine was founded on the premise of raising the level of service in the private security sector, enhancing professionalism throughout the industry and bringing employee appreciation to the forefront of the business.

Our main focus is to the redefine the expectations of a security company, not only as a service provider but as an employer too.

Through a comprehensive and progressive approach, Pennine Security’s mission is to become our clients complete partner in security through offering an extended network of industry leading professionals, a high calibre of employees and a unique service completely tailored to each of our client’s individual needs.

Our Key Company Values

We proactively work on enforcing best practices and incorporating leading industry technology to provide accountability, diligence and exceptional service to all of our clients.
We believe that our success resides within our employees. We ensure that we hire the right people, effectively train them, position them correctly, offer continual support, recognize their good work and encourage them to progress.
We believe that security is not a stopgap profession and every individual who decides to work for our company can pursue a very rewarding and fulfilling career, regardless of their position.
We believe in embracing change and continually looking for ways to improve our operations and services. We will never say ‘it has always been done that way’.
We live and breathe security. It is not a business to us; it is our passion and our lifestyle. We are taking proactive steps within the industry to reform and renew the way security is viewed within Ontario.

The Backbone to YOUR community


Pennine Security Solutions endeavors to be the most valuable resource of our client’s corporate community.

Regardless of our client’s security requirements, we pride ourselves in offering fundamental support.

Support We Offer

Provide the most sustainable team for our clients. We understand that each client has different staffing requirements that are based on numerous factors. We assess each specific site and its operational needs and tailor our hiring process and training around them. All our front line staff is appraised on an annual basis and client feedback is always welcome during this process.
Provide open communication in all aspects of our work. Communication is one of the most essential tools for a successful service. We ensure that all our staff communicates effectively, responsibly, and in a prompt manner. We also ensure that our clients have managerial and directorial contact available 24 hours a day, 365 days per year and are always informed of any pertinent information.
Being a team player. We understand that a successful operation only exists when everyone works together. Pennine Security Solutions consciously endeavors to build a good rapport with every required individual at a site. Quite simply – we succeed as a team or fail as a team. Outside of the site, we proactively work with all local authorities and municipals.
Provide extensive industry knowledge and network of credited organizations and individuals to improve our clients operations. We only work with highly respected industry individuals and actively seek new information through networking, trade shows and industry related events. All our valuable knowledge is passed straight to our clients.
Exceed performance standards. We strive to exceed all our contractual obligations set by our clients. We work with integrity, honesty and ensure that every aspect of the service we provide is continually managed and quality controlled.
Acquire feedback. We value all feedback whether it is positive or negative. Without feedback, our service and our company cannot improve.
We work hard for our clients from the first day of meeting with them to the last moment they require us.

The Backbone to OUR community

At Pennine Security Solutions our employees are the backbone to our company. We believe in a deceptively simple notion that to have happy, satisfied and loyal clients we must have happy, satisfied and loyal employees. Working within a service based industry, it is our employee’s conduct and professionalism that directly reflects on the clients we represent and the service we provide. The right employee is the key to our success.

Potential candidates can expect to undergo a rigorous, multi-tiered selection process to ensure we find and hire the right candidate for each of our client’s unique sites and requirements. We look for individuals who possess a comprehensive knowledge of security and the right mixture of skills and attributes to deliver the outstanding service we require. We specifically focus on education, experience, adaptability, interpersonal skills, customer service awareness, communication, presentation and availability.


Each candidate selected for employment is required to complete a three (3) month probation period. During this time, candidates are trained at multiple sites within a geographic area to allow fluidity of opportunities to ensure they achieve every success as a security professional. Reviews and updates will always be conducted.

All our front line staff are offered an extensive support system from all members of the management team, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Regardless of an employees scheduled shift, Pennine’s management team will provide weekly one on one time as well as prompt, open communication giving them peace of mind that they are never alone.

With our employees being our biggest and most significant investment, we continually strive to not only attract the best candidates but also retain them. We understand that high turnover leads to inconsistent customer service and disrupts the operational cohesiveness at our sites. To help mitigate this, Pennine fosters a company culture that rewards achievement and encourages progression. Our staff can look forward to benefits such as:

  •       Competitive pay rates
  •       Above industry standard benefits
  •       Performance related bonuses
  •       Length of Company service rewards
  •       Extended industry related education
  •       Internal promotions
We believe that by investing in our staff, we are investing in the communities that we serve.

Our aim in hiring Pennine Security Solutions, was to create a safe and secure home for Residents at Applewood Landmark. They not only have EXCEEDED our expectations in providing the standard of security expected, but also introduced cost saving analyses on how to reduce costs without reducing security. Pennine Security’s Guards have an excellent work ethic and Residents view them as part of the community at Applewood Landmark. Thank you Matthew and Erica for continuing to keep Applewood Landmark a safe and secure place to live!

Jennifer Lawther - Whitehall Residential

We have been working with Pennine for a few years now and have been very IMPRESSED with the level of service provided and his passion for the industry. We ourselves have very high expectations when it comes to dealing with clients, professionalism, and expertise when providing a service so it goes along way when we find a vendor that we feel holds the same values (Pennine fits the bill in all these respects). I have also found Pennine to be TRANSPARENT and HONEST through each endeavour In conclusion I highly recommend Pennine for security services, we continue to work with them to this day and will probably continue for as long as I can for see.

Neal Hallock - Fusion Homes